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Whether you’re a survivalist, got a hankering for MCMMO, or want to be the Grand Champion of the Mob Arena, The Sticky Piston MC Server has something for you!

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Whether you like it or not, we are always trying to expand the server and create new content for you to explore. Our latest additions are Skyblock and our own twist on hardcore survival.

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Whether it’s solving the mysteries of redstone circuitry or figuring out how to use the server plugins, we’ve got the goods to feed your Minecraft brain-face.

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From random musings and opinion pieces to game version and plugin reviews comparisons, our staff takes on any Minecraft topic you can imagine.
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Meet the Team!



Server/Forum Lead Moderator

Scooberson is one of our server Pioneers; he’s been here since before the original server went public, and has helped build it into “ready for others” awesomeness. Aside from building some of the most beautiful structures on our server, Scoobs is a creative landscaper, a fantastic moderator, and an all-around great guy! His avatar’s fashion sense is parallelled by none. 



Server/Forum Administrator

Merkurius_8 is your friendly neighborhood Swede. A complete Minecraft nerd, Merk acquires knowledge about this game at an alarming rate, and can do things with redstone and command blocks that real-life builds need professional college graduates to accomplish. As one of our original server Pioneers, Merk created Spawn Central Railroad and its corresponding train stations.



Server/Site Administrator

MischiefLtd (formerly Mischief79) is our resident wallet, back-end editor (no, she won’t rearrange your avatar’s booty), and business manager. Mischief owns the server and takes an active role in building its resources and community. A Certified Google Ninja, if she doesn’t have an answer you’re looking for, she can certainly find it if it exists.

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