Hello, Pistonians!

This week I’ve been working on a few new maps for a game we will be adding to the Mini-Games world! I’ve not played it yet myself, but after looking at a ton of pictures, examining premade maps up close, and watching a metric butt-ton of videos, I’ve got a good idea of what goes into a good game of Minecraft Hide and Seek, so it’ll be coming to The Sticky Piston server soon!

We won’t be installing the addon for it right away… we’ve got one premade map installed in the Mini_Games world, and we are working on building another (and another… and another)! There are still some bugs to work out with our Hardcore Beta world, so that’s our main focus right now, but once that’s all sorted out we’ll be digging our heels into the task of getting Mini_Games up and running for everyone! Anyone that wants to help out making maps for Hide and Seek should please /mail or /helpop a staff member in-game, or use the contact form here on the website to let us know!

Here are a few pics of what I have on the unfinished map so far:

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