Hello Pistonians!

Scoob, Merk, and I have all been working extra hard to get the new server up and running and open to the public! In the meantime, it really is open, although we’re not advertising or actively trying to pull traffic to it just yet. With a fresh new hosting provider and a fresh new server url, it’s right where we need it to be to scale and grow with the community as needed without more major moves of the website or server (thank goodness!)

Image result for no enjinWe’ve moved our website away from enjin integration due to complaints of the long annoying sign-up process, and in the coming weeks will have a way for folks to register to the server and website from in-game without extra steps (we hope). I’m sure there’s a wordpress plugin out there for it somewhere, and if not, we’ll buy the license for XenForo once enough money is raised and use known integrations with THAT platform. Our ultimate goal is to have a space that’s easy to access, easy to use, and easy to navigate.

Thanks for all your patience as we continue to get things up to par for you! I know once we have all the framework in place, this is going to be one of the best places to Minecraft on the whole interweb!

Keep being awesome!

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