Server Registration (FREE)


Register to our minecraft server for free! You MUST complete this step after registering to the website in order to gain build permissions on our server in-game!


We’re having some trouble getting our community plugins to communicate between the website and the Minecraft server, so we’ve developed this work-around to make sure that everyone that registers at can also build on our Minecraft server!

In addition to giving you build permissions in-game, this item also starts your in-game economy (Piston Points) balance at $100,000 points! If you don’t complete this step, you not only will not be able to build, but you’ll start with $500 points. Nobody wants that, now do they? 😛

This item is FREE!

That’s right… it’ll cost you NOTHING except a moment of your time. Please make sure you’ve registered to the website before placing your order for server build privileges. PLEASE try to sign up with your Minecraft name if you can! Then, come back here, put this item in your cart, and check out!

Our checkout may still require you enter some information like your name, billiing address, etc, but don’t worry; the store uses the information to authenticate you and make sure we only have one registration per user. Your information will not be shared with third parties, nor stored on our servers or in our databases (besides your login and email address… which we keep so we can notify you of issues with your account if they come up).

Please allow up to 5 minutes for this order to process once completed. If you’ve waited the five minutes and still don’t have build permissions outside of Spawn, or cannot use the mall or mcmmo_mall warps, please submit a ticket to our staff using the contact form (Blog, Info, and Contact link at the top of the page).


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