Hey there, Pistonians!

Ever since we installed the ASkyblock plugin, I’ve been taking some of my play time to fart around in the new Skyblock world. I had originally forgotten to disable the MCMMO plugin in that world (and its nether world), but after playing it for a few days (it’s worth mentioning that I had never played Skyblock Minecraft before installing it here on The Sticky Piston Server), I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is more difficult than Survival Minecraft in MCMMO mode. Since materials are so hard to come by, I feel like rewards and boosts from MCMMO skill leveling are a welcome advantage in the harsh Skyblock world, where otherwise you’d get no advantages besides rewards from completing challenges (available if you type /challenges in-game).

Here’s what that means for all of you (and me):

  • Per World Inventories will still apply between the Skyblock and MCMMO worlds. You can’t take supplies and items from one world to another.
  • MCMMO skills will carry over between worlds. If you’ve leveled woodcutting to 100 in MCMMO thus far, the next level you’ll reach in Skyblock is 101, and so on.
  • The MCMMO Mall will not be available in the Skyblock world. There are chests set up in Skyblock Spawn for you to use for player shops (same as you would in other worlds). If (when) we need more, we’ll build a player-shops addition to Skyblock Spawn.
  • MONEY (economy balances) will not carry between worlds at all, so the money you earn in MCMMO will not be available to spend in Skyblock, etc. I am considering changing this altogether, as some of the mini games award cash for placing on the leaderboards or winning a game, and that’s looking pretty useless right now if you can’t take that balance with you when you go back to another world.

If I’ve left something out or left any of your questions unanswered, PLEASE let me know in the comment section! As always, suggestions are welcome and ideas are encouraged! Thanks for being amazing and making our server one of the most fun in the Blockiverse!

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